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Our curriculum drives our vision forward and is underpinned by the ethos which defines our school: Well-being, Community, Purposeful Learning and Inclusion.

To expand on this, we have the following aims for our curriculum. It will enable our children to:

  • develop lively and enquiring minds;
  • communicate confidently and effectively;
  • learn the essential life skills;
  • express themselves creatively and be inspired by the creativity of others;
  • develop personal, ethical and moral qualities, including respect for others, in line with core British values;
  • be prepared for the opportunities of life in a changing world;
  • play an active role in and engage with their community;
  • learn how to learn and to regard learning as an enjoyable and lifelong activity;
  • experience rich and meaningful learning with many first-hand experiences;
  • appreciate the need for a healthy lifestyle;
  • achieve outcomes in line with Every Child Matters;
  • set personal standards of achievement and value excellence.

Our curriculum is:

  • Broad so that it provides a wide range of knowledge, skills and experiences;
  • Rich so that each subject has sufficient time to contribute effectively to learning. There must be time for teachers to teach knowledge, content and skills with sufficient depth, and time for children to make sense, practise and achieve mastery;
  • Relevant so that learning can be linked to real experiences, both in the children’s local community and the world at large;
  • Coherent so that subject areas can be linked to make the learning experience more meaningful;
  • Progressive so that objectives are specific and progress year on year ensuring consistency, continuity and rigour;
  • Challenging so that there are high aspirations for all children to achieve the very best they can do;
  • Accessible so that there is equal opportunity for all children to access all areas of the curriculum.

The School's SCARF attributes (Success, Curious, Ambitious, Respect and Flexible) are embedded into our curriculum.

A new 2 year thematic cycle has been introduced in 2018-2019 which supports curricular breadth and progression. Each theme is introduced through a question designed to stimulate the children's interests and leads to carefully planned learning opportunities. These are based on the National Curriculum and enhanced through use of the local environment and exciting first-hand experiences. A number of enrichment activities are embedded into each theme through outside learning opportunities and visitors to the school.

The themes are organised into 3 key areas: Create, Discover and Explore to promote cross-curricular links to enable the children to make connections in their learning. For example, exciting and relevant reading texts are used to enthuse, inspire and stimulate the imagination. They also provide contextual and meaningful opportunities for creative writing. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) activities are also embedded throughout the year alongside Drama, Art, Music and PE. Weekly Spanish lessons have also been introduced from Year 3 upwards.

The curricular overviews for this year can be found below:

Curriculum design overview

English overview

Maths overview

The curriculum will continue to be reviewed and enhanced throughout 2019-2020 in order to provide sustainable links with the community and further enrichment opportunities. Once completed, the revised curriculum will be made available on this page. Copies of the termly plans can be located on each class page. 

For further information relating to reading and maths, please visit the individual pages under the Learning tab. To find out more about our curriculum, please contact the school office.