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The Wells Free School

Reading and Phonics

Our overall aim is to nurture a love of literature and language, and the confidence to continue reading and writing throughout the children’s lives. Our objectives are for the children to:

  • speak clearly and confidently across a range situations
  • listen actively and respond clearly and appropriately, developing knowledge and opinion
  • read fluently for both pleasure and information
  • write clearly and with confidence in any given genre
  • use taught spelling rules, phonics and grammar accurately
  • develop the skills needed to proof-read their work and make amendments and improvements

Phonics is recommended as a strategy that children should be taught in the early stages of learning to read. It is a way of decoding written letters and spoken sounds. This approach to learning to read encourages children to decode words by sounds, rather than by recognising whole words.

Our phonics policy and further guidance can be found here:

Phonics Policy

Guidance for parents

Reading skills are enhanced using a wide range of reading materials. Children will develop an understanding of story structure and organisation, literary techniques and character studies through sharing and discussing books.  Children are given opportunities for individual reading with an adult and through regular class and group reading sessions. Further opportunities to develop an enjoyment of reading are fostered through whole class texts which are linked to the curriculum themes and provide a wealth of opportunities for creative writing and cross-curricular work.

We want to make sure that the children are confident to read across different styles and that the books reflect a variety of interests in both fiction, poetry and non fiction genres.